The best platform for people who need answers from data, without relying on IT.
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The Mammoth platform is designed to take care of all your data needs.

With powerful automation, customizable alerts, drill-down discovery and extensive data transformation capabilities, the Mammoth platform will increase your productivity, cut down your hours and empower you to achieve deeper and timely insights.

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Powerful features for your entire data journey. All in one place.

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Why use Mammoth?

Your data - Consolidated and prepared

Mammoth provides powerful tools to blend, clean, and transform your data - all in one place.

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Automated data transformation

Mammoth's automated data-pipeline records every step of your data transformation process for reuse with future data.

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Interactive discovery and segmentation

Visually query your data in unique ways. Mammoth allows for interactive, ad-hoc discovery of insights, anomalies, and trends.

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Empowering great companies everyday

"It is truly an end to end solution - seriously impressive."
David Blackshaw
International Category & Commercial Excellence Lead, Arla Foods
"I no longer have to spend Sunday evenings preparing reports for Monday morning."
Kathleen Blythe
Innovations Manager UK&I, Bacardi Martini
"Mammoth data automation capabilities allows us to focus on the science."
Tien Yin Yau
Senior Scientist, Everest Detection
"Mammoth’s powerful platform and the team’s deep level of data expertise has helped us achieve an unprecedented level of automation and reporting."
Patrik Lundell
Director Channel Business Development EMEA, Starbucks
"Mammoth’s solution is a game changer and allows for a huge increase in productivity."
Ken Blau
Financial & Data Analytics, Rethink
"Mammoth painlessly integrates data from anyone, anywhere."
Russell Sylvester
Business Development Director, Kantar

Latest News

Hiring additional data engineers is a problem, not a solution

Why? Because the more the engineers, the more layers of inefficiency between you and your data. Instead, a greater effort should be redirected toward empowering knowledge workers / data owners.

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