All you need, in a single platform

  • Bring data together, consolidate, transform and explore, all in a next-generation, cloud-based platform
  • Automate and your entire workflow
  • Discover new aspects to your data with powerful segmentation capabilities

Designed for the non-technical user

  • We've made it simple and code-free, and with all the tools needed to be in complete control
  • Our documentation and tutorials provide a step by step and guided approach to solving all your data challenges
  • With a new level of transparency, visibility and control, anyone in your team can now create and maintain your entire workflow

Decentralised data

  • Keep the existing centralised data processes intact while using Mammoth as a lightweight management solution for your team
  • With comprehensive layers of security and replicated warehousing of your data, give peace of mind to your IT dept
  • Collaborate and share different types of data with different teams

Frequently asked questions

What is Mammoth?
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How is Mammoth different from other solutions in the market?
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How does Mammoth compare to a BI solution or reporting software like PowerBI or Tableau?
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How does Mammoth compare to data science solutions like SPSS, R, Stata, etc?
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How does Mammoth compare to other ETL, ELT tools like ALteryx, Fivetran, etc.?
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Is Mammoth suitable for IT and technical professionals?
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